The Face of His Brother

The Face of His Brother book cover.  A novel by Mark St. J. Couhig

It is late in the afternoon of Friday, August 27, 1967.
In Albuquerque, New Mexico, 22-year-old
Ricardo Garcia has just made a terrible mistake.

Garcia was warned of the consequences that awaited, but in a
moment of anger he purchased with his pistol the eternal enmity of the Brandon family
of Clinton, Louisiana. Though his home is more than one thousand miles
removed from Clinton, the distance will provide Garcia with
no comfort and no safety.

To the Brandons of East Feliciana Parish, family is everything. Three
generations soon find themselves in hot pursuit of Garcia.
Only one man, a disgraced Clinton cop, stands in the way of their plans.

The Face of his Brother is more than a simple story of revenge. The
hunt for Garcia brings to the surface the violence, betrayals and tragedies that
have torn the Brandon family apart.  At its heart, this is the story of
an old Louisiana family and of the secrets and
scandals that roil beneath the surface.

The Face Of His Brother can be purchased for $33.95
(includes $4.00 shipping and handling), by clicking on the link below.

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