Like most jerks, or at least like those of us who are serious about the craft, I enjoy pointing out other people’s mistakes. I suppose that’s largely true because I know how painful it is when others point out mine.

Now that I’m retired I have the opportunity to pursue my hobby full-time, so I’m expanding my efforts.

For example, I’ve put together this simple quiz. It’s a compilation of mistakes other people have made, all drawn from my collection.

Of course, writers always make mistakes. That’s why God invented editors. The troubling theological question is: Why did He decide to start doing away with them in about .. oh, 1990?

Here is your opportunity to step up and be the editor. What is wrong in each of these photos?

You’ll find the answers below the photos.

photo14                photo7


photo8                 photo10



photo12                 photo11




photo2  photo1 photo13

Starting from the top left:

1) While it’s possible Mr. Charlot is suggesting verbally through his trash talk that he may soon cut left, the chances are he is actually attempting to elude the Brother Martin defender.

2)  Trick question.  There are more than 3 questions facing Karr this year.

3) Georgetown is adding to its Communications Masters program a new course in how not to use apostrophes.

4) If there is no understating the advantage, there is zero advantage. If it can’t be overstated, there is no limit to the advantage. Sane people prefer the latter.

5) N.C. State doesn’t have emotional ringers. That’s Mississippi State. It would be better to say that N.C. State was put through an emotional wringer, then hung out to dry.

6) Hardaway was actually a shoo-in for the Olympic team, though given the subject matter at hand we can perhaps forgive the writer for a timely pun.

7) I don’t know who is son this is, or who was son this was. I don’t even know whose son this is.

8) By which this Arkansas gas station meant unleaded gasoline with ethanol.

9) Shit and manure are the same. This sign should read “shit and Shinola.”

10) This is just wrong in so many ways.

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